Making every Day Repair Day: a webinar

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Dare to repair your electronics?

Together with the activities associated with eWaste Day 2021, the efforts of WEEE Forum, Open Repair Alliance and many others stakeholders, we have come a long way to encourage repair in order to push for positive and sustainable changes.

During the webinar Making every Day Repair Day > with Intention, Policy, and Standards on 21 October at 4:00 a.m. CEST, you will get a glimpse into the developments from the perspective of policy measures such as EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan, Sustainable Products Initiative, Green Public Procurement (GPP) criteria, etc. In sum and substance, the webinar will focus on industry initiatives to harmonise and fast track progress towards circular and fair ICT, with a focus on reparability.

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Keynote Speakers:

  • Kyle Wiens - CEO @iFixit
  • Mo Chatterji - Fellow for Circular Economy @World Economic Forum
  • Nick Liu - Manager, Sustainable Purchaser Engagement (Asia Region) @TCO Development
  • Rakesh Vazirani - Head of Sustainability Services (Products) @TUV Rheinland


  • Research/Policy/Strategy
  • Hotspots to be tackled
  • Repair made possible
  • Repairability within your purchasing decisions
  • Standards to assess & safeguard
  • Q&A