Rewarding Recycling: Exploring How Convenience Leads to High-Performing Deposit Return Systems

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Online webinar
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TOMRA, a global leader in collecting beverage containers for recycling, invites stakeholders to take a deep dive into how high-performing deposit return systems make retrieving containers convenient, and why convenience is key to an effective deposit recycling programme.

Its second webinar on deposit return systems will cover the factors that define a convenient system, including:

  • Providing easy access: explore the three network models and how increased convenience leads to higher performance.
  • Making the deposit experience enjoyable and in tune with consumer habits: learn how high-performing deposit systems adapt opportunities to meet consumer expectations.
  • Innovative and reliable technology that accelerates the deposit process: hear about the range of technology that system designers are incorporating into new and modernised deposit systems to improve the entire experience.

The webinar builds on TOMRA’s white paper, Rewarding Recycling, which highlights the best practices of high-performing deposit return systems – so stakeholders can better understand why some systems are succeeding, while others are failing.

To access the free white paper, visit Rewarding Recycling: Learnings from the World’s Highest-Performing Deposit Return Systems.

For over 45 years, TOMRA has been providing a range of services and reverse vending technology to deposit systems. Reverse vending machines provide an easy way for the public to return containers for recycling and get back their deposit money. The machines collect, sort, compact and initiate accounting for each container accepted. TOMRA has approximately 80 000 reverse vending machines installed in 40 deposit markets, capturing over 40 billion used beverage containers worldwide each year.