Webinar: How to purchase and use IT products in a circular way

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On June 9, TCO Development will release its next annual report, Impacts and Insights: Circular IT Management in Practice. This time, it has decided to investigate how organisations can implement CE for their IT management. They have spoken to experts in the field, interviewed people on the circular procurement frontline, and checked in with IT brands to get a snapshot of how the transition is going. In this webinar, they will present some key findings:

  • How circularity helps solve some of today’s largest sustainability problems, connected to IT products.
  • How the circularity principles can be implemented on the ground when you procure and use IT products.
  • How to engage employees and change old habits: success factors in creating positive change in your organisation.
  • What you need to think about when buying or selling IT products second hand (and what the benefits are)
  • Where to start — what’s most important to focus on. 

Speakers: Clare Hobby, global purchaser engagement expert, Malin Russell, report project manager, and Stefan Carlberg, an expert in circular criteria development.

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