5th International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials

The purpose of this international conference ICBBM 2023 is to present the latest available scientific and technical information in the field of bio-based building materials, natural fibres, earthen ramped, innovative hybrid composites natural fibres, sustainable binders for sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, as well as a life cycle analysis of bio-based materials. The event will take place in Vienna on 21-23 June 2023.

Biomaterials are processed or engineered products obtained partially or fully from renewable biobased resources, including: natural fibre composites, bioplastics, biorubbers, biofoams, bioadhersives, biobased paints and coatings. In the race for carbon neutrality, material construction are competing very hard, while biomass naturally sequesters carbon and is already at the top of the ranking. In consequence, we have to continue to demonstrate and show the superiority of ancestral material comparing to the modern and conventional construction material.

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