Become a member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance! The call for applications is now open

The European Commission is launching a call for applications for members for the new mandate of the Platform on Sustainable Finance.

The Platform is an advisory body composed of experts from the private and public sectors. Its role is to advise the European Commission – which is responsible for adopting Delegated Acts under the Taxonomy Regulation – on relevant topics related to the EU's sustainable finance framework and EU Taxonomy in particular. Its advice is an important part of the input the Commission receives in the decision-making process.

The Platform will operate in a context in which markets have started to apply the Taxonomy and other sustainable finance regulations and tools. While continuing to advise the Commission on the preparation of Taxonomy technical screening criteria, the new mandate of the Platform will reinforce its focus on the usability of the Taxonomy and the implementation of the Commission's wider Strategy for Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Economy.

The Platform’s current mandate ends in October 2022. The next mandate will run from Q1 2023 to Q4 2024. The future Platform will consist of maximum 35 members, up to 28 of whom will be selected through this call for applications.

Dedicated subgroups will be created along the following priorities, which have been identified by the Commission for the new Platform: 

  1. the usability of the taxonomy and the wider EU sustainable finance framework
  2. the development of additional taxonomy technical screening criteria across all six environmental objectives and possible revisions and/or updates of the criteria, where appropriate
  3. the implementation of specific policy measures of the strategy on financing the transition to a sustainable economy, in particular the monitoring of capital flows into sustainable investments.

Interested individuals and organisations are invited to submit their application specifying their areas of expertise and the sub-group in which they wish to take part. Applicants must submit their completed application, including all supporting documents, via the dedicated online form by 9 November 2022 at 12:00 CET.