European Commission consulting on ecodesign requirements for imaging equipment and consumables

European Commission
05 Jul 2023

In 2020, the European Commission adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan, announcing interrelated initiatives to make sustainable products, services and business models the norm and to transform consumption patterns so that we avoid generating waste in the first place.

This action plan identified electrical and electronic equipment as a key product value chain, as it is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the EU. The Commission committed to prepare regulatory measures to ensure that devices are designed for energy efficiency, durability, reparability, upgradability, maintenance, reuse and recycling.

In this context, the European Commission has launched an open public consultation to offer users of imaging equipment and stakeholders involved in all areas of the value chain (original equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, users, repairers, remanufacturers of cartridges, recyclers, etc.) the opportunity to express their views on how to best address the policy challenges outlined in the call for evidence for this initiative. Imaging equipment refers to home and office equipment including copiers, printers and multifunction devices that can print, copy and scan documents. 

The target audience is experts and representatives of any interested stakeholders, such as original equipment manufacturers, remanufacturers of consumables, consumer and environmental organisations, businesses involved in retail or repairs and national representatives, including national authorities in charge of enforcing potential requirements.

The open public consultation is open until 15 August 2023

For any question, please contact European Commission Product Policy