Give your feedback on microplastics pollution and relevant measures to reduce its environmental impact

30 Nov 2021
Key Area

The initiative called Measures aiming to reduce the presence in the environment of unintentionally released microplastics from tyres, textiles and plastic pellets aims to tackle microplastics unintentionally released into the environment. It will focus on labelling, standardisation, certification and regulatory measures for the main sources of these plastics.

This legislative initiative of the European Commission is based on the European Green Deal, the new Circular Economy Action Plan and the EU Plastics Strategy containing measures to tackle pollution from microplastics (small plastic pieces of less than 5 mm) that are intentionally added to products (e.g. cosmetics, detergents, paints) or unintentionally released into the environment (from e.g. tyres and synthetic textiles). The aim is to:

  • improve the science on the risks and occurrence of microplastics in the environment, tap water and food
  • reduce environmental pollution and potential health risks, while respecting the principles of the single market and encouraging competitiveness and innovation.

The European Commission would like to hear your views on this issue. This call for evidence is open for feedback until 18 January 2022, at midnight, CET. Your input will be taken into account as the Commission further develops and finetunes this initiative. 

To get more information and give your feedback, click on this link.