Green and Digital Transition: share your SME Retail Story

If you are a representative of a small or medium-sized retail enterprise (SME) based in a Member State of the European Union and engaged in digitalization to increase your sustainability, you are invited to complete the survey Twin transition for Retail SMEs. Share your retail story in this survey that is part of an independent study commissioned by the European Commission.

The objective of the study is to collect stories of small retailers who have transformed or tried to transform their business to make it greener, more digital and/or introduce customer-centric solutions. Some of the success stories will be included in a compendium that the Commission will publish at the end of the project.

The Commission would like to understand better how small retailers evolve, what helps their transition and what hinders it, which is particularly important in the present times, marked by the COVID crisis and economic uncertainties

If the transformation has not been a success, the Commission wants to learn about the difficulties experienced on the way. This will help it better shape its future policies and act together with national, regional, and local authorities to support small retailers in their green and digital transition.

The survey only takes 15 minutes to fill in and will remain available until 20 August 2022.