System Dynamics for Circular Economy – an opportunity to join project community

The project "System Dynamics for Circular Economy" aims to tackle the systemic complexities of the Circular Economy (CE), within a participatory and co-design approach towards advancing our understanding of the system, and collaboration for effective long term solutions. It is specifically targeted to assist EU policy making in finding solutions that work for all.

The project will focus on three sectors of consumer products:

  1. electric and electronic equipment
  2. fashion textiles and
  3. furniture.

If your work is related to these sectors, along the value chain or life-cycle, or with CE in general, the project team would be glad to hear from you. All stakeholders are welcome (e.g. industry, services, NGO, academia, government) since the aim is precisely to be inclusive.

Benefits of participating include:
- opportunity to have concerns addressed
- collaborating with peers to tackle solutions
- learning Systems Thinking and Dynamics.

Collaboration will occur online (up to 2-3 times in a semester) throughout the whole project's three-year duration.

The project has limited capacity, and selection criteria for joining the project community combine diversity of stakeholders and CE themes. The aim is to build a diverse community, taking gender balance into account, and participation will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Some direct networking is also underway, with the aim of an open and fair public opportunity to engage. Your collaboration would be greatly appreciated – together we can go beyond!

For more details and expression of interest, please contact researcher Ana Carina Pereira by e-mail and linkedin.