Building circularity software for a circular economy: One Click LCA

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The One Click LCA Building Circularity software makes it possible to design more circular buildings by incorporating circular economy principles into the building design. The software also quantifies and compares the impact of different design choices using building circularity scores.

One Click LCA enables users to:

  • choose the sources of materials:
    • A more circular building employs more recycled, renewable or reused resources and fewer virgin materials.
    • The sources of materials can easily be determined by entering the recycled, renewable or reused percentages for each.
    • This information does not influence the LCA results, but is used to document material circularity.
  • design out waste:
    • Different end-of-life processes can be selected. By default, materials will have an end-of-life process assigned.
    • These processes are based on the type of material. There will be some differences in the end-of-life processes, depending on which material options are selected.
    • Consider adopting "Design for Disassembly" practices, e.g. dismountable fasteners instead of glue.
    • The building can be designed so that material can be adapted to future changes in purpose.
  • measure circularity:
    • The circularity of materials can be quantified and assessed by a building circularity score.
    • Different design scenarios can be compared to find the most circular option.