Circularise - an open, distributed and secure communications protocol for the circular economy

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Information sharing, transparency and collaboration have been widely recognised as essential catalysts for a circular economy. To use one company’s ‘waste’ as ‘food’ for another, stakeholders need to access the right information at the right time. Often, however, information sharing risks a stakeholder’s competitive advantage. Circularise develops an open communications protocol using blockchain technology. A key feature being ‘smart questioning’. It allows stakeholders to ask questions about a product/part/material, and receive trusted answers. Answers are based on data that has never been shared, allowing anyone to keep their competitive advantage and collaborate when needed.

Main results:

  • Collaborate without risking your competitive advantage;
  • Remain the owner of your data, even if you do not own the asset anymore;
  • Decide whether you share information and if so, with whom;
  • Trusting a central party is not required.