E-Learning module on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement

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This E-Learning module on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement is developed by the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement.

The Urban Agenda Partnership started in 2017 and it working on Public Procurement as a strategic tool that can help public authorities to solve the challenges public authorities are dealing with. One of the important challenges is transition to the circular economy. Learn more about this by watching the video below.

The seven E-Learning modules are developed and published by the Urban Agenda Partnership. The target group of this E-Learning module is: procurers, managers, budget holders, policy advisers, local politicians and everyone who is interested in public procurement as a strategic tool that can help to achieve circular economy. The E-Learning module guides the learners how to:

  • build a procurement strategy including circularity
  • procure in a circular way
  • to set up local cooperation centres, that could be important in exchanging circular knowledge and experience
  • design a broker for innovation public procurement in order to procure circular innovative solutions
  • provide funding of (circular) procurement through the most relevant financing opportunities
  • put the legal framework into practice
  • measure the spend and wider impact.

You can do all parts of the E-Learning module, following the procurement cycle, or just one or more parts you are interested in. You can find explanations, infographics, roadmaps, video interviews, tools and best practices. Each part of the module ends with a quiz to test your knowledge.