Transform-CE has created a Navigation Tool guiding users through plastic recycling

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The Navigation Tool is designed to explain the different steps in the plastic recycling process, from collection through sorting to reuse.

It gives information on the TRANSFORM-CE project’s findings, shares links to project reports and publications, gives the contact details of the project’s partners for questions or collaboration, explains IEM and AM technologies, and suggests uses for recycled plastics.

The Tool helps companies develop the know-how they need to replicate and scale up the solutions covered. It primarily targets companies interested in recycling or used recyclates, but is also a way for the general public to learn about the technologies involved in recycling plastics, the potential of recycling and reusing plastic and the barriers to doing so.

TRANSFORM-CE uses two innovative technologies - additive manufacturing (AM) and intrusion-extrusion moulding (IEM) - to create new products from single-use plastic waste.

  • AM shreds sorted plastic waste which is then melted and extruded to produce long filaments. The filaments are then used in 3D printing to create objects layer by layer.
  • In IEM, low-grade plastic waste is ground to make lumps of plastic which are then melted and extruded into a hot plastic clay. This is then pressed into moulds to create new products.

This process is carried out by the Green Plastic Factory in the Netherlands.

A business support package is available for businesses interested in using recycled materials.