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Chants Libres - a pilot project combining professional furniture upcycling and social enterprise

Creation of a pilot sector for the recovery and re-used of materials from household furniture waste.

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Gennevilliers (Ile-de-France area)

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Valdelia - Arnaud Humbert-Droz

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Atelier Extramuros is a social enterprise specialised in upcycling in the furniture sector, using reclaimed material from discarded professional furniture.

'Chants Libres' is a new pilot project aiming at improving recycled material sourcing - with the support of Valdelia - and designing protoypes for the professional furnishing sector. Two prototypes have been selected by a professional board (Veolia, Valdelia, Kinnarps) to launch a wider scale production process and are to be integrated in the Kinnarps catalogue for commercialisation.

The project will help professionalise the upcycling sector for instance by creating a catalogue of referenced available resources, and a series of well-tested prototypes for large scale production. It also includes the creation of an e-book and setting up exhibitions, to promote the use of upcycled goods in the professional environment.

Main results: 

Since its creation in 2007 Atelier Extramuros has offered inclusion jobs to 25 people. To sustain the 'Chants libres' project, four inclusion jobs and one managing job have been created.

All the furniture items produced via this program will be entirely recycled with a positive social impact.