The circular economy's closed loop and product service systems for sustainable development: A review and appraisal

The Circular Economy's Closed Loop and Product Service Systems: A Review and Appraisal

The Circular Economy's Closed Loop and Product Service Systems
Mark Anthony Camilleri
Publication Date
October, 2018
United Kingdom
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Mark Anthony Camilleri

This review paper of Mark Anthony Camilleri examines relevant regulatory guidelines, policies, and recommendations on sustainable development, where it traces the origins of circular economy (CE). It goes on to shed light on key theoretical underpinnings of CE's closed loop and product service systems.

The findings suggest that the CE's regenerative systems minimise the environmental impact as practitioners reduce their externalities, including waste, emissions, and energy leakages through the use and reuse of resources. Therefore, this contribution offers a critique on CE's inherent limitations and discusses about the implications of having regulatory interventions that are intended to encourage responsible consumption and production behaviours.