Can't find a spare part to repair your home appliance? PCDT might have just rescued it for you!

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Valentine Dumont

The  Agence française des Pièces Détachées (PCDT)'s motto is "Réparez, ne jetez plus. Tous mobilisés pour la planète" (Repair, do not throw away: let's all act for the planet).

Sometimes home appliances are out of order just because of a tiny spare part, which is broken and impossible to find. PCDT goes further in the sustainable development process and buys used spare parts for home appliances from customers whose appliances cannot be repaired.

Its website then sells these spare parts - with no profit margin (price paid to buy the spare part + postage + VAT) - to other consumers, who will be able to use them to repair their own appliances at a lower cost.

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  • The agency counts 3 full-time employees and 10 permanent service providers.
  • 60 customers have expressed their satisfaction regarding this service after a testing period of a few weeks.
  • Among PCDT's customers: responsible consumers keen on repairing rather than buying new appliances and lower-income people willing to do some savings.