Beyond REPAiR: making the transition of the circular economy happen

Peri-urban Living Lab
Start/End date
Amsterdam, Naples, Ghent, Hamburg, Łodz and Pécs - Online

The results of four intense and fruitful years of collaboration of the 18 REPAiR partners and local and regional stakeholders in Amsterdam, Naples, Ghent, Hamburg, Łodz and Pécs will be presented and discussed on Tuesday, 13 October 2020.

The ending of the REPAiR projects is celebrated with an informative and appealing one-day event. In the morning, there are inspiring keynotes on the future challenges of the CE from European, regional and local perspectives. Besides, they will discuss with other 2020 projects like UrbanWins, FORCE and CINDERELA.

Through an innovative online experience, the REPAiR exhibition presenting the results in detail in virtual exhibition rooms will also be shared with you. It is a next generation experience to learn all about CE contexts and solutions.

For the parallel sessions, it is planned to explore the GDSE and the PULL methodology, discuss and benchmark your city on its way towards a CE, or discuss the ins and outs of the sustainability assessment of eco-innovative solutions.

The day will be closed with an expert panel discussion on how to make the urgent transition towards a CE happen.

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