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Thierry Gras

Fair hairdressers (Coiffeurs Justes) give hair left on the floor in their salons for reuse in sectors such as agriculture, construction and environmental protection. Hair is known to be both resistant and insulating.

  • Hair can be used as absorbent filters to help prevent the spread of oil spills, as approximately 1kg of hair absorbs up to 8 litres of hydrocarbons.
  • In agriculture, hair mixed with compost serves as a good fertiliser and brings nutrients to the soil.
  • In addition, recycled hair can be used as sound and heat insulation material.

Coiffeurs justes aims to develop a business model based on the circular economy of hair recycling that brings together different companies, hairdressing professionals, future clients and communities. Coiffeurs Justes was founded by Thierry Gras in 2015 with the vision that hairdressing salons must offer fair prices to their customers. To find out more, watch this video by Fair hairdressers about their process. 

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Main results
  • Hair accounts for 50% of the waste produced by hair salons, so the initiative can significantly reuse useful waste.
  • Coiffeurs Justes brings together more than 3500 member hairdressers throughout France and Europe. More than 45 tons of hair have been collected.