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Food Waste, Food Systems and Bioeconomy: Circular value chains in the bioeconomy sector

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Brussels (online)

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This workshop session was divided into three different thematic blocks focussing on:

  • Module 1: Agri-plastics and circularity - best practice and the road ahead
  • Module 2: Bio-based Industry trends and utilization of secondary biomass
  • Module 3: Food waste and youth: how universities can help inspire action 


  • Agnieszka Sznyk, INNOWO, Introduction 
  • Irene de Tovar, Copa Cogeca, Module 1
  • Bernard Le Moine, Circular Plastics Alliance, Module 1
  • Thierry Bailliet (video message), Copa Cogeca, Module 1
  • Veronika Reinberg, Alchemia-Nova, Module 2
  • Helena Connors, Generation Climate Europe, Module 3
  • Paola de Bernardi, University of Turin, Module 3
  • Andreas Thurner, EESC member and president of the TSG on sustainable food systems , Module 3

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Workshop on Food Waste, Food Systems and Bioeconomy: report