During the entire month of May, explore innovation and circular economy in waste management with ACR+

27 Apr 2022
Key Area

What are your plans for May? The Association of Cities and Regions for sustainable Resource management (ACR+) will kick off an entire month dedicated to innovation and circular economy in waste management. Through several events, ACR+ will showcase some of its activities and projects fostering innovative approaches and practices to reach a circular economy.

Smart waste management - that is systems using technology to make collection and treatment more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly - will of course be at the centre of the discussion, along with exchanges on different policy and planning approaches that move away from the traditional systems associated to the “take-make-dispose” economic model.

It is well known that, to fully transform society and decouple economic growth from environmental impacts, eco-innovative solutions and resource-efficient products, processes and services must be developed and deployed, in line with the principles of the waste management hierarchy.

To this end, it is possible to use life-cycle methods when conceiving and implementing environmental public policies, to introduce circular public procurement procedures or  “simply” to rethink municipal tariff systems and to adopt a model based on the "know-as-you-throw approach".

Innovation has already reached the waste management sector; it is now time to spread it and multiply its benefits! Join ACR+ at one (or more!) of the events below to explore together a sustainable circular future.

This workshop organised by the LIFE REthinkWASTE project will help understand if dynamic waste pricing models are suitable for one's territory and how to plan their use in the most effective manner. Ecomondo, one of Europe's leading events for technological and industrial innovation to accelerate the ecological transition, will also be presented.


On this occasion, the LCA4Regions project's first outcomes and exchange on how to apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in order to improve policy planning and make conscious decisions on resource efficiency and investments will be summarised, with a focus on the sustainable built environment.


This session of #EUCircularTalk in cooperation with the Interreg North-Sea ProCirc project will address the link between ISO work on international circular economy standards and circular procurement practices. It will tackle the topic of measuring circularity as an enabler of circular and sustainable procurement.


Before closing their adventure this autumn, the Interreg Europe WINPOL partners invite you to travel back on their steps and discuss not only the successes achieved at project level but also the progresses made in the use of intelligent systems and policies in waste management.


Hungry for more? May is not the only month high in ACR+ events: for example, you can already register for the EWWR 2021 Awards Ceremony that will take place on 9 June 2022 in Brussels and online.