LCA4regions conference: LCA from policy planning to implementation

In 2019, the nine partners of the Interreg Europe LCA4regions project set out on a journey to improve environmental and resource efficiency by expanding the use of life cycle methods when devising and implementing environmental policies. They organised seven Transnational Learning Journeys across Europe, focusing on seven aspects of life cycle assessment (LCA) during which they shared experiences, challenges and opportunities on the selected topics.

They also collected a treasure trove of 57 good practices for developing more holistic and sustainable regional environmental policies using life cycle methods. Supported by their stakeholders and experts, the participating regions have now translated the resulting experiences and good practices into detailed action plans to achieve tangible improvements at local level.

Using their new LCA methods and insights, the LCA4Regions partners are ready to roll out these action plans and continue their journey towards improved environmental and resource efficiency. Before that, they will stop in Brussels on 12 May to share a summary of their adventure and discuss how to apply LCA to improve policy planning and actively make conscious decisions about resource efficiency and investments, with a focus on the sustainable built environment.

The event is free of charge but you must register to participate.

The event agenda and registration form are available.