csrTAG 2022: A whole day devoted to artificial intelligence & circular economy

How are raw materials already circulating in the economy today, how is artificial intelligence (AI) helping us turn waste into resource? How do man and machine find a creative and fair coexistence? How do we shape an economy that uses resources mindfully? To get an answer to all these questions join respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development - in the international congress for sustainable business at the csrTAG 2022 on 13 October 2022. Tickets can be booked here.

At the conference, more than 50 speakers will pass on their knowledge in 10 programme points and 6 breakout sessions. The keynotes and speeches, panel discussions and practical workshops will provide new scenarios for development of a sustainable future. With the help of AI, we want to facilitate the transformation to a more circular economy, preserving the value of products, materials and resources within the economy for as long as possible and generating as little waste as possible.

The topical sessions include: textiles, food, plastics, packaging, electronics and ICT, construction industry and buildings. Ladeja Godina Košir, Circular Change and ECESP, will hold a keynote speech titled Dancing in the dark – circular & digital and address the main points for a transition to a circular economy. She will also give international examples of good practices and share her insights on:

  • What is the focus of a regenerative circular economy?
  • How do new technologies empower the transition?
  • Why is a systemic change needed to maintain our well-being on this planet?
  • What helps to find the right balance between circular an digital to leave no one behind?