Horizon Europe Research & Innovation Cluster 6 - 2023 Info Days & Brokerage event

The Info Days will present the Research and Innovation topics of the Horizon Europe Cluster 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment) Work Programme 2023 and will give the opportunity to prospective applicants to learn more about funding opportunities.

On 14 December at 9:00-12:30 CET, the session will present Cluster 6 topics in Destination 3 - Circular economy and bioeconomy sectors.

Destination 3 topics target:

  • climate-neutrality,
  • zero pollution,
  • fair and just circular and bioeconomy transitions,

covering safe integrated circular solutions at territorial and sectoral levels for important material flows and product value chains, such as:

  • the textile,
  • electronics,
  • chemicals,
  • packaging,
  • tourism,
  • plastics and
  • construction, as well as
  • key bioeconomy sectors such as:
    • sustainable bio-based systems,
    • sustainable forestry,
    • small-scale rural bio-based solutions,
    • environmental services and
    • aquatic (including marine and freshwater) value chains.

With this approach, the destination supports the European Green Deal, and in particular European initiatives such as:

  • Circular Economy Action Plan,
  • Strategy on adaptation to climate change,
  • Zero pollution action plan, with the chemicals strategy for sustainability and the new approach for a sustainable blue economy,
  • Forest Strategy,
  • Climate law targeting climate-neutrality by 2050 and
  • AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) climate neutrality by 2035, which supports increased focus on bio-based circular consumption, as part of the Fit for 55 package and the new European Bauhaus initiative.

Furthermore, the Horizon Europe work programme for 2023-2024 will play a critical role in implementing the EU strategy for sustainable textiles, and support other initiatives including:

  • the Industrial Strategy,
  • the EU chemicals strategy for sustainability,
  • the SME Strategy,
  • the 2018 Bioeconomy Strategy,
  • the communication on sustainable carbon cycles,
  • the sustainable blue economy approach and its offshoot initiatives,
  • the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030,
  • the Farm to Fork Strategy,
  • the upcoming EU agenda for tourism,
  • the plastics strategy and the action plan on critical raw materials.

The event will be followed by a brokerage event on 19 December to bring together potential applicants and stakeholders of the new Research & Innovation programme. Circular economy stakeholders may also be interested in other thematic topics. For a detailed agenda, participation information and practical details, visit the event website.