Circularity Assessment Tool

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The Circularity Assessment Tool enables you to evaluate your business or a product from a circular perspective. You can use various frameworks to help create a baseline overview of how your organisation is striving to adopt a circular approach.

With Circularity Assessment Tool, you can:

  • Assess your business or product against circular frameworks to receive a baseline score of how well you integrate circular strategies;
  • Discover opportunities for improvement and challenges to address;
  • Become familiar with circular economy frameworks such as the Key Elements of the Circular Economy;
  • Identify good practices through inspirational case studies of how other businesses have implemented circular strategies;
  • Use the outcomes of your assessment to facilitate internal and external discussions to develop a plan for incorporating circular economy thinking into your business;
  • Use these insights to future-proof your business, and improve resource use and collaboration across the value chain.

The Circularity Assessment Tool is based on Circle Economy’s decade of expertise in working with businesses all over the world. It has been developed hand-in-hand with users and partners to co-create the best possible features. The interconnected digital products mean that the tool leverages a shared library of content and data.

This is a fee-paying service for companies.