Linear Risks

Linear Risks Report
Shyaam Ramkumar
Frido Kraanen
Rik Plomp
Brendan Edgerton
Arnoud Walrecht
Ines Baer
Peter Hirsch
Publication Date
May, 2018
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Society and businesses are becoming increasingly aware that the resources needed for products are not infinite. There is growing pressure on the availability of resources due to a variety of factors including the expected increase in global consumption of goods spurred by a growing global middle class.

The report aims to introduce the various business risks of common ‘linear economy’ business practices and start a dialogue with the financial and business community about their implications. Building on this report, there is an objective to explore further directions to better understand and model them. Hopefuly, these risks will one day become an integral part of investment decisions to ensure better investment decisions that achieve long-term stability and growth.