Public procurement of innovation and circular economy: a workshop with the BRINC project

The BRINC (Brokering cross-border Innovation through Clusters) project's stated aim is to unlock the potential of cross-border Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) by acting as an Innovation Procurement Broker and establishing a European Hub for PPI in a circular economy.

The project is holding a workshop where participants will be able to meet the BRINC network of public authorities and other key actors working on public procurement of innovation and circular economy in order to exchange insights and learn from each other.

The event will take place in Brussels on 19 March. Organised in parallel to the International conference on innovation procurement, this one-day workshop will focus on:

  • the importance of changing the organisational mindset to boost the uptake of circular and innovative practices
  • lessons from the two BRINC project cases (on single use sanitary waste and diaper recycling), including the challenges and opportunities faced throughout the procurement process.

The agenda is available, and you will need to register by 5 March.