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Dans cette section, vous trouverez les stratégies existantes en faveur d’une transition vers une économie circulaire adoptées par des pouvoirs publics à l’échelon national, régional ou local.

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Be Circular - Regional Programme 2016 – 2020

Regional plan for the circular economy, Brussels Capital Region

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Helpline (Belgium) 1819

Brussels Capital region Circular Economy strategy, adopted in 2016, sets a 10 year framework to move Brussels' economy towards a circular model.

The strategy is focused on three objectives: transform environmental goals into economic opportunities, anchor the Brussels economy, where possible, to local produce and to minimise transportation whilst optimising the use of available territory in order to create additional value for the people of Brussels and to contribute to the creation of employment. It is structured in 4 different axes (combining 111 actions):

  • Transversal ( regulatory framework);
  • sectorial (specific industries);
  • territorial and
  • governance (to bring together 3 ministerial department)

Leading the cycle - Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016–2025

Leading the cycle – Finnish road map to a circular economy 2016-2025

Leading the Cycle - Finnish Roadmap to a Circular Economy
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Kari Herlevi

The Finnish Roadmap to achieve a Circular Economy goal is to create a shared mindset in Finnish society to promote the circular economy and determine the most effective means to do it.

The Roadmap focuses on 5 focus areas, topics that will initially be used in advancing the circular economy in Finland. Based on Finland’s traditional strengths, these topics include a sustainable food system, forest-based loops, technical loops, transport and logistics, and joint actions.