Making Things Last: a circular economy strategy for Scotland

Making Things Last: a circular economy for Scotland

Making Things Last
Publication Date
February, 2016
United Kingdom
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Colin MacBean

This strategy sets out Scotlpriorities for moving towards a more circular economy - where products and materials are kept in high value use for as long as possible.

It builds on Scotland's progress in the zero waste and resource efficiency agendas. A more circular economy will benefit:

  • the environment - cutting waste and carbon emissions and reducing reliance on scarce resources;
  • the economy - improving productivity, opening up new markets and improving resilience; and
  • communities - more, lower cost options to access the goods we need with opportunities for social enterprise.

In this strategy, four areas are prioritised: 

  • Food and drink, and the broader bio-economy
  • Remanufacture
  • Construction and the built environment, and
  • Energy infrastructure.