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The Consumer Insight Action Panel is a two-year initiative jointly set up by the CSCP and Sitra, as part of their contribution to the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

Its objective is to translate consumer needs and behavioural knowledge into impact-oriented activities, initiatives and recommendations, to guide and support policy makers, business and civil society organisations in enabling consumer-relevant circular economy strategies.

The purpose of the Panel is to:

  • Engage multistakeholder representatives in an expert group (or "club") and bring them together in regular meetings and workshops in order to gather knowledge and enable an exchange on consumer behaviour in view of circular economy challenges;
  • Consolidate existing knowledge and generate new, practice-oriented research to address knowledge gaps. This will be done, for example, through a call for applications and the implementation of pilot interventions in order to test practical solutions in a specific context.
  • Explore and transfer the gained knowledge into replicable and scalable measures and recommendations to relevant stakeholder groups with the support of an Influence Panel.

Sector-focused clubs and overarching panel

Clubs are groups of high-level stakeholders committed to leading the European work on generating and integrating consumer behavioural insights into successful circular economy strategies. Each club will be sector-focused and composed of 8-10 members, including businesses, European Commission representatives, CSOs and researchers, to exchange knowledge, benchmark existing solutions, prototype and test innovations and lead the consumer interface work.

  • Textiles, plastics and electronics are the three strategic sectors of focus of the clubs, to be tackled from a challenge/opportunity perspective, around topics such as fast fashion, packaging and premature obsolescence, respectively.
  • The overarching Panel has an advisory role with a specific focus on impact generation, and will monitor and advise the club activities as well as support its influence among decision makers of the European circular economy transition. Club of Rome members, CEOs and former EU commissioners are potential members of the Panel.
  • Club and Panel members will join the initiative mainly by invitation. A few more club members might be selected through an open application process.

Expected impacts

The Consumer Insight Action Panel will result in evidence-based policy and business circular economy innovations co-developed in collaboration with civil society organisations and think-tanks, through a better engagement and understanding of consumers.

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