How to become an Industrial Symbiosis Facilitator

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Despite the undisputed contribution of industrial symbiosis to the circular economy, there is still little awareness on what it is and what its benefits are. The INSIGHT consortium experts have proved the current need for a new professional profile: the industrial symbiosis facilitator, together with its real interest and strong potential.

After researching the key skills and competences required for this new job, the INSIGHT experts have developed a training course. An e-learning platform gives access to the course and to over 150 hours of autonomous study time to increase knowledge, skills, and competences concerning industrial symbiosis.

Five interactive modules and their learning units guide trainees through different topics such as new circular economy policies, a step-by-step managerial approach to industrial symbiosis implementation, soft skills for industrial symbiosis, good practices at company, industrial park and country level, etc.

The INSIGHT e-learning platform contains, among others:

  • training material in 6 languages
  • 74 interactive resources such as games or videos
  • a glossary of the most-used terms on the topic
  • real cases of industrial symbiosis implementation.

After following the course, trainees will be equipped with the right skills and knowledge about industrial symbiosis, will have access to new job opportunities, and will know how to encourage businesses to adopt circular economy principles.

More info on the INSIGHT project and results are available here.