New Circular Economy courses available at the Circulab Academy

Training opportunities
Learning opportunities

The Circulab Academy portfolio is expanding with 5 online courses:

  • Develop Circular packaging solutions, enabling participants to create sustainable and circular packaging solutions based on Circular Economy principles (will be available this spring).
  • Teach the Circular Economy, a free programme introducing the Circular Economy concept and providing teachers and students with ready-to-use educational content under Creative Commons licence.
  • Business resilience game, enabling participants to identify the key functions and supplies needed to protect and enhance the capacities, competitivity and resilience of their organisations (will be available this spring)
  • Activate Circular Economy, a free online course to understand the Circular Economy and apply the Circular Economy transformative principles in business activities
  • Circular Supply Chains and Procurement, enabling participants to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques to deploy Circular Procurement and Circular Supply Chains in their organisations (will be available this spring).