The Babytheek: a library for baby supplies

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Eva van Velzen
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The Babytheek is a handy system for borrowing baby items that you only need for a short time. It works like a "library of things", lending baby supplies needed during the first year of the baby’s life.

The Babytheek's lending service for baby items aspires to make sustainable baby supplies available to all. By becoming members, new parents can borrow items to test (not every baby likes a certain baby carrier) and use in a fun and accessible way. As their baby grows, they return the supplies so that someone else can use them.

The Babytheek encourages personal contacts, sustainability and social inclusion. It collects high-quality and sustainable baby supplies that can remain in circulation for a long time (such as baby baths, high chair cushions, Maxi-Cosi, breast feeding cushions, baby food processors, bouncers and buggies).


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  • As of August 2021, there are 22 Babytheeks active in Belgium and the number is growing. More than 800 families are currently members of a Babytheek.
  • The Babytheek chips away at the mountain of waste. Used items don’t get thrown away: they move to a new family.
  • The Babytheek offers a solution for people with limited space at home, as they only have to stock what they need at a specific moment.
  • The Babytheek brings young parents into contact with a real-life example of use instead of ownership.
  • Families' bank accounts like it too, as there is no need to buy expensive supplies.
  • The Babytheek also creates a meeting place for young parents.