'Become a Miljönär' campaign: beneficial to circular consumption and participating businesses

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Josefin Berglund
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Avfall Sverige

Avfall Sverige is a Swedish waste management association representing its municipal members - whose customers account for 95 % of the Swedish population - vis-à-vis politicians, decision makers, authorities, and the EU. Its members play an important role in transforming Sweden into a more sustainable society.

The campaign “Be a Miljönär” [a pun which merges miljö (environment) with miljonär (millionaire), i.e. Environaire] is a concrete tool to reduce waste and make sustainable consumption a habit.

The knowledge about how consumption affects the environment is relatively high among consumers in Sweden. Avfall Sverige, on its part, strives for a change in action to promote lending, mending and reuse. Through its campaign it targets people aged between 18 and 30, who start their adult life, form a family and face many changes in their lifestyle. As this group consumes a lot, the association wants to make them aware of the importance of a sustainable way of living through different initiatives, such as White Friday (as against Black Friday), or #textilsmart.

Main results
  • More than 1000 businesses in 160 municipalities have been labelled Miljönär.
  • So far about 60 % of the Swedish municipalities have participated in the campaign.
  • The largest municipalities participate, which means that 5,9 million people (59 % of the Swedish population), have been reached by the message.
  • According to evaluations, 80 % of the labelled businesses indicate that customers appreciate the labelling and 50 % say their brand has been strengthened by the campaign.