Book in Loop, BabyLoop and UniLoop: how to bring circularity to our children's everyday lives

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Book in Loop is a circular economy platform, created by The Loop co., for selling and buying school text books. It is a solution for parents who wish to sell their children's used books while shopping for the next school year. The platform collects used books, refurbishes them and puts them up for sale on the website, assuring customers that every book is in perfect condition. The seller can then collect the money for the old books or spend it directly on the platform when buying the books they need for next year.

With the success of Book in Loop, The Loop co. realised that the circular economy was a great opportunity. It therefore launched BabyLoop in 2019, an e-commerce store for selling and buying baby strollers and other childcare equipment with all the guarantees babies deserve.

Building on the social and sustainability concerns that led The Loop co. to launch Book in Loop and BabyLoop, the firm joined the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and launched UniLoop. This project brings the tools and concepts of the circular and sharing economies to the university campus, with new consumption models based on behavioural economics.


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  • All in all, families can save up to 80% by buying their text books at Book in Loop, which has already circulated more than 300 000 books
  • UniLoop promotes the use of public or collective transportation, the reduction of mobile phone usage during classes, healthy eating, sports and recycling.