Chip[s] Board: making bio-plastics from potato waste

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United Kingdom
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Plastic-based pollution is a huge problem. One company has come up with a solution.

UK-based Chip[s] Board have developed a range of innovative, circular materials from potato waste. Their Parblex bio-plastics and related composites have just as good a performance as conventional plastics - but they have the significant advantage of being biodegradable and recylable. And, obviously, they're not made from oil. 

The company uses non-food-grade industrial potato waste. Their translucent pure or fibre-reinforced bio-plastics have a surface finish and durability suitable for fashion and interior design. Their products are compatible with injection moulding, 3D printing, milling and other industrial processing techniques. And all from unwanted bits of root vegetable!

Main results
  • Five kg of potato waste are reused to create 1 kg of bio-plastic panel
  • The company is developing collection strategies and education policies for what to do with the materials at the end of their life.