Circular and Bioeconomy Centre: promoting industrial symbiosis in Lapland

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The Circular and Bioeconomy Centre is based on a cross-sectoral industry co-operation involving mining, metal, and forest industries and service companies in the Kemi-Tornio economic region, and accounts for about 80 % of Lapland's industrial production.
It aims to develop a more competitive business environment for companies involved in the circular economy and helps companies to develop circular economy business and products by providing expert assistance, applying for funding, linking operators, creating networks and consortia, promoting pilots and scaling, etc.
The founders and core actors of the Circular and Bioeconomy Centre are Digipolis, the City of Kemi and Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

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One essential part of the Circular and Bioeconomy Centre's activities is the collection of technical information (e.g. policies, benchmarking, potential side streams and related challenges and opportunities) and its wider distribution in Finland and in Europe, including the popularisation of activities, for example through success stories to different target groups.

The Circular and Bioeconomy Centre leads a network of eco-industrial parks in Finland, which consists of eco-industrial parks and other key actors operating in their areas. The practical workshops facilitated by the Centre cover the successful actions, challenges and direct obstacles in the development of industrial symbiosis and circular economy in Finland.

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