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A circular furniture system

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Progetto Arcadia

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Arcadia Design envisions a design that changes as its owner does.

It produces a modular and circular furniture system based on a design-for-reuse structure with patent pendant wich grants stability with less material and is easy to be assembled/disassembled. Modularity as a choice to stimulate reuse, transformation, customisation and imagination.

It also manufactures chairs and tables for children already commercialised that can become a toy for children, a photoframe for the family, an armchair for young people and much more.

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  • The company has developed and brought to the market a furniture system that can be reused, returned and regenerated over and over again, in bio-materials with non-toxic finishings and a local supply chain. Furniture that is light, compact, customisable, circular.
  • The company has 8 out of 10 circular economy drivers according to Symbola+FederlegnoArredo;
  • The company has 1 patent pendant and 10 designs registered at EU level;
  • In 2017 the company was invited by the Italian Senate to speak on circular economy, and reached the final at the ERG Re-generation Challenge.