Compastor Technology: composting in a different way

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Máté Kriza
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Mate Kriza

Composting is a straightforward and natural method to create fertilisers, but not many people compost. Why? Results are slow to appear and it's not easy to grasp whether the process is succeeding, so people give up easily because of a bad experience or time pressure.

To address this and stimulate composting, Compastor Technology has bred a genuine composting worm sub-species called the Dendrabeana Veneta Varietas Compastor. When this worm is combined with a compost inoculant, it processes green and organic waste in a fast, efficient and effective way. This process guarantees the swift production of nutrient-rich and high value-added compost material in a perfectly circular loop where all nutrients are used and the value of resources is not only fully maintained but also increased. The technology is also 100% free from chemicals, as the process itself and all ingredients used are entirely natural.

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Using Compastor's unique compost results in:

  • Reduced green/bio-waste
  • Cutting expenditure on fertiliser and its storage, delivery and handling
  • Clear added value through nutrient-rich compost that is quickly available, efficient and locally sourced
  • Uptake of environmentally-friendly technologies such as the biological process using capillary attraction