ČSOB: eco-friendly recycled bank cards

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According to current statistics released by the Bank Cards Association, banks in the Czech Republic issue more than 3.5 million cards every year. Each card uses approximately 7 g of plastic, so that comes to over 24 tons of plastic produced annually to make an item which is not recycled (hands up who recycles their bank cards?).

In 2020, the Czech bank ČSOB, in cooperation with IDEMIA, launched an eco-friendly card which reduces the amount of virgin plastic which ends up in rubbish bins. By opting for IDEMIA’s eco-friendly product, ČSOB is the first bank in the Czech Republic to take a significant step towards addressing this ecological burden. 

This eco-friendly recycled PVC payment card - produced and supplied by IDEMIA - has been manufactured using sustainable resources, such as recycled production scrap.

Main results

This change will

  • save non-renewable resources
  • reduce ČSOB’s carbon footprint, and
  • recycle plastic waste which is used to make new cards.