E-waste Race: school-based collection of old electronic devices

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Teaching children about recycling

Timmy de Vos started E-waste Race in 2014 after he won a competition with a new ICT concept for collecting e-waste. The race involves a competition between primary schools to see which one can collect the most e-waste. The pupils learn why recycling electronic devices is important and more broadly why they need to recycle rather than throwing things away.

E-waste Race cooperates with municipalities and waste processors and works with Weee Nederland. All the e-waste that the children collect is recycled so the valuable metals and resources it contains can be reused.

Over a hundred races have been organised since the project began six years ago.

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  • To date, more than a thousand schools in The Netherlands have taken part in the races and over 1.4 million old electronic devices (an average of 14 000 kg per race) have been collected, resulting in savings of almost 20 000 kg of CO2
  • E-waste Race held the first E-waste Race in Germany in 2020
  • E-waste Race won the 2017 Energy Globe Award Netherlands
  • On 1 February 2021, E-waste Race was awarded the 2021 Dutch Circular Award.