eChiller - highly energy-efficient cooler with minimal global warming impact

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eChiller is a refrigerator system developed and manufactured by the German company Efficient Energy. The system is environmentally friedly as it uses only pure water as a natural refrigerant. eChiller is used for the cooling of data centres, industrial processes, buildings, etc.

The refrigeration process of water-cooled eChiller consists of direct evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of water vapor in a closed-loop cycle. Depending on the application, this process takes place in a vacuum at low pressures between 10 to 100 mbar and in the temperature range of 5 to 45 °C. The connection to the customer side and the recooling side are provided through two heat exchangers.

The eChiller system is thus highly energy-efficient and the operating costs are very low. There are no CO2 emissions due to refrigerant leaks. The system is also extremely quiet and the operation causes only very low vibration.

Main results
  • Up to 500 kW Cooling Power (in-row installation)
  • 0% direct CO2 emissions and very low indirect CO2 emissions through efficient cooling
  • according to Efficient Energy, this system allows up to 80% energy savings (depending on application and operation hours) by replacing old coolers with the eChiller.