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Ecodair: refurbishing professional computer equipment for resale

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For the past 16 years, Ecodair has been refurbishing professional computer equipment for resale (with warranty) at low cost.

Ecodair is a company with a team of around 90 people, many of whom have disabilities. It has three main goals:

  • Solidarity: helping people with disabilities to become active members of society through employment, given they face huge difficulties entering the labour market;
  • Ecology: reducing the environmental impact of the computing and electronics industry (electronic waste) by proposing a sustainable and economical solution;
  • Addressing the digital divide by reselling second-hand computer equipment at low prices.

Ecodair thoroughly tests and cleans all products, erases any data on them and installs up-to-date software so that the equipment is ready to use.

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Each year, Ecodair manages more than 130 tonnes of hardware, and refurbishes around 30 000 computers.