Effective Recycling Concrete Technology: aggregates from 100% recycled CDW do not compromise on quality

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ERC-TECH – “Effective Recycling Concrete Technology”, is a company based in the Czech Republic that provides the construction sector with know-how, licenses and products to reuse 100% of construction and demolition waste in concrete mixtures and other products suitable for use in various construction activities.

The company offers:

  • a completely new system of processing and manufacturing of concrete with high efficiency and accuracy – resulting in consistent-quality production of concrete from recycled mixtures
  • processing of recycled mixtures from inert C&DW, mainly: concrete, bricks, paving’s, ceramics, sanitary products, mixtures – concrete/bricks, roof tiles and ceramic products, mortar and the likes
  • patented technological process of mixing and dosing recycled mixtures with nanofillers along with reactivation of binders present in recycled mixtures allowing for a reduction of cement doses up to 30% without loss of quality
  • resulting concrete classed for construction are certified (EN206) and present a thermal conductivity coefficient of an average of 0,460 W/ (m.K) which reduces thermal losses by up to 52% and is the world ‘s lowest value for concrete without special additives
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  • products take less energy and money (15%-35% lower production costs) to process and produce than products made from traditional materials
  • products are fully recyclable after the end of their lifecycle
  • products are fully circular and have been awarded the highest LEED and BREAM levels by the Green Building Council