ELWIS: an Electronic Waste Registration System for a more responsible approach towards waste by households

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JRK, an initiative set up by three recent graduates in 2010, has been positively impacting the sector of waste management both in Slovakia and Czechia. JRK focuses on linking businesses, ecology and socially responsible impact.

The objective of the  ELWIS Waste Registration System - introduced in 2018 - is to increase efficiency in city waste management systems by helping to reduce the amount of mixed waste. This transparency-based system enables an overview of the real quantities of waste produced by each household.

In order to help cities and municipalities, ELWIS relies on innovative technologies, SMART systems, high-quality products and awareness raising campaigns. Other services offered by ELWIS in the field of waste management include budget investigation, detection of deficiencies and strategies for motivation and remuneration.

Main results
  • 2021: Atlas award for the "Green Economy" category
  • 2020: more responsible approach to waste by hundreds of thousands of households
  • 2019: in Košec, almost 20% reduction of waste collection costs
  • 2019: in Kozárce, 21% reduction of landfilled waste
  • 2019: in Streženice, up to 35% reduction of waste containers (taken to landfills)
  • 2016: Via Bona Slovakia award for the “Green Company” category
  • 2014 Golden Ant award.