Envie Autonomie collects and renovates technical equipment from rehabilitation centers, hospitals and care centres

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The French company Envie Autonomie collects and renovates technical equipment, such as wheelchairs, used beds, walkers and other aids. In this way, they ensure a second life to this important and often costly equipment.

The service is free and the initiative has helped create local jobs since they started operating in 2015. The equipment is first collected and sorted according to its current condition and quality. If the equipment is not reusable, it is dismantled for spare parts or recycled. Reused and refurbished equipment is cleaned and resold at 30-50% of its original price to companies or individuals, and includes a one-year guarantee.

The company has an economic, social, and environmental impact by significantly contributing to savings for the health system, supporting people in vulnerable situations with medical equipment, and supporting the new circular economy sector by making it possible to repair and reuse equipment.

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Main results
  • About 5 300 technical aids have been collected from private individuals and care facilities, hospitals, and shelters.
  • In 2017, 45% of technical aids was resold to elderly people who had lost autonomy and were housed in rehabilitation centers.
  • The unit in Trélazé (FR) has employed 11 people on work integration contracts.
  • Similar projects have been inspired by the initiative and introduced in cities such as Nancy, Strasbourg, and Lyon/Saint-Etienne.