Estonian business Rohepakend fights plastic waste with food wrap made from used clothing

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Estonian business Rohepakend tackles plastic waste by upcycling old fabric and turning it into reusable food wraps. The product is made from donated textiles, pine resin from Estonian forests and beeswax. Part of the work is carried out by people with special needs.

The company follows a business model that is based, among other things, on the green economy (the fight against single-use plastic), circular economy (reusing resources) and social entrepreneurship.

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  • Each food wrap replaces on average two rolls of plastic food wrap per year
  • The food stays fresh (less food waste) because the fabric breathes and the beeswax has antibacterial properties
  • The food wrap is reusable
  • Lower carbon footprint than conventional food packaging if used repeatedly
  • It reduces the use of disposable plastic film
  • It provides employment for people with special needs in Estonia