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Favini pairs with Barilla to create CartaCrusca, using up bran residues from the mills

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Rossano Veneto (Veneto Region)

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ICESP - Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

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The "CartaCrusca" project consists in recovering bran residues from the milling of Barilla wheat, no longer usable for human consumption, and subsequently processing them, together with cellulose, for the production of paper.

The research and development teams of both Barilla and Favini have worked side by side to select the most suitable by-product and then to purify and mill the bran to make it work with paper fibre. Favini uses this secondary raw material for the production of paper exclusively for Barilla, which, on its part, uses CartaCrusca mainly for its renewable and biodegradable packaging, high-end products, internal documents and promotional items.

CartaCrusca has the colour of bran and an authentic rustic feel to it, making it an elegant product for its purposes.

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  • 17% of cellulose fibers (1 tree out of 5) are replaced by bran.
  • The emissions of CO₂ equivalent per ton of product are equal to about 1400 Kg, corresponding to about 22% less than CO₂ eq. issued for the production of a ton of standard Favini paper for the same plant.