FIBI-buffer: a sustainable alternative for protecting products during transport

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Holland Circular Hotspot

FIBI-buffer is an eco-friendly alternative to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Polyurethane (PU) foam used to protect products during transport. It is a unique and patented product which offers high-quality protection, is universally applicable, is price competitive, can be reused again and again, and is biobased and 100% compostable.

FIBI’s starting point was the problem of single-use plastics in the packaging industry, particularly foams which are still difficult to recycle. FIBI saw an opportunity to create an innovative solution. They have been focusing on developing materials and machinery which meet market needs and on satisfying an initial circle of clients after the delivery phase.

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  • FIBI-buffer has recently established a stable network of partners in the areas of materials, machinery, production and sales, enabling it to move to large-scale production.
  • Together with local partners in Europe, the US and Canada, this network is now working on replicating and scaling up their proven concept in these new markets.
  • Micro-organisms using oxygen and moisture can break down the FIBI-buffer into water, CO2 and biomass within five weeks.