Fibracat: an absorbing use for waste paper

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Fibracat is a Spanish company, established in 2013 in Araia (Basque Country), which specialises in developing solutions for waste paper. It has now developed cellulose-based absorbents from paper for use in the cleaning and industrial hygiene sectors.

The product is recycled from paper and cardboard waste and is highly recommended for use in industry, the cleaning sector, petrol stations and airports. It is recommended for all types of flooring and is non-abrasive.

In 2016, Fibracat Absorbent joined the EU Horizon 2020 programme with its project Revaluation of a paper industry waste as absorbent material and was awarded the Seal of Excellence for its innovative solution to paper waste.

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The product:

  • is 100% environmentally friendly as it is recycled from paper and cardboard waste
  • contains less than 20% calcium carbonate
  • is a selective absorbent, soaking up different types of liquid at different rates (it absorbs the pollutant first and leaves the water clean)
  • absorbs all liquids from all types of flooring
  • is not slippery