Forall: reducing electronic waste by refurbishing technological items

Forall Phones
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Forall Phones is a chain of stores launched in Portugal, focussing on refurbishing and reselling technological items.

They deal with high-tech phones, tablets and computers from one specific brand. They buy defective or ex-display products, fix them and sell them on unlocked at a lower price (up to 40% off the original price).

In this way, Forall Phones promotes the re-use of items which otherwise might be discarded and turn into toxic electronic waste.

Its employees are trained to restore the products to very high standards, using only original parts and offering a certified one-year warranty. Moreover, the store accepts exchanges of smartphones, thus further facilitating and promoting the lifetime of products.

Main results

Forall Phones

  • promotes the re-use of electronic items and subsequently the reduction of electronic waste
  • combats premature obsolescence.